Glacier Kimono

$ 135.00 USD

Design Excellence: The Glacier Gi exemplifies pure sophistication in its design. Adorned with a sleek logo on the right shoulder, it features an elegant woven patch on the lapel and refined leg embroidery that makes a subtle yet powerful statement. The back patch is perfectly sized to enhance the Gi's pristine look, while the jacket's tapered edges and pants provide both style and comfort.

  • Robust and Comfortable Construction:
    • Medium Weight Gi: Made from a sturdy 450 GSM jacket paired with 12 oz ripstop pants, the Glacier Gi is designed to withstand the demands of daily training and the competitive circuit.
    • Enhanced Comfort Features: The interior shoulder lining and tapered cuffs are crafted to offer maximum comfort, allowing for fluid movement through every roll and drill.
    • Premium Material and Stitching: The fine pearl weave fabric and reinforced stitching ensure a feeling of quality that lasts, session after session.
  • Battle-Tested and Athlete-Approved: Collaboratively refined with input from top athletes and instructors, the Glacier Gi has been put through its paces to meet the exacting standards of the dedicated martial artist.
  • 100% AJP & IBJJF Legal: With full compliance to AJP and IBJJF guidelines, this Gi is an impeccable choice for both rigorous training and official competition.
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Each Glacier Gi comes with a complimentary, high-quality drawstring bag, ideal for carrying your Gi or separating laundry within your training kit.
  • Elevate Your Game! The Glacier Gi isn't just a piece of martial arts attire; it's a declaration of your commitment to excellence in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Step into the Glacier Gi and transcend beyond your previous limits.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jessica Martinez
Durable and Dependable

This kimono has seen me through countless sessions and competitions—durable and dependable.

Lauren Smith
Superior Comfort

Offers superior comfort and mobility, allowing me to focus purely on my technique.

Rachel Kim
Elegant Design

The elegant design stands out on the mat, making it both a functional and fashionable choice.

Sarah Jensen
Lightweight Champion

It's so lightweight yet incredibly durable, perfect for long training sessions.

Nicole Brown
Perfect for Practice

Perfect for everyday practice with its robust construction and beautiful aesthetics.