Tactical Ops Kimono

$ 145.00 USD

Define your path! You always have a gameplan, you do things your way and you like to stand out from the crowd? Bring your A-game with Tactical Ops, a lightweight Gi stripped to essentials, suitable for warm climate. Available in 3 color options: navy green, desert sand and urban graphite depending on your preference and surroundings. Complimentary drawstring Gi bag included. Absolutely not AJP or IBJJF Legal, but you already know that. Elevate your game!

  • Bold, Unconventional Design: Step onto the mats with confidence in the Tactical  Ops. With its sleek right arm rubber logo, and distinctive rubber vertical lapel patch, this Gi is designed for those who prefer a minimalist yet bold aesthetic authentic to their lifestyle. Absent of over-design it speaks of refined strength and individuality.
  • Customized for Your Environment: Whether you're training in the heat of the desert, the coolness of an urban setting, or the tranquility of forest landscapes, the Tactical Ops Kimono offers three unique color options to match your surroundings: Jungle Green, Desert Sand, and Urban Graphite.
  • Lightweight and Climate-Adaptive: Crafted for optimal performance in warm climates, this Gi features a lightweight 300 GSM jacket and 10 oz ripstop pants. Its enhanced thermo-regulation and quick-drying properties ensure you remain comfortable and focused during the most grueling sessions.
  • Performance-Driven Features:
    • Lightweight Fabric: Experience enhanced mobility with the lightweight construction, enabling faster, unrestricted movement.
    • Thermo-Regulation: Enjoy better heat release while training, keeping you comfortable throughout your session.
    • Quick Drying: Benefit from moisture-wicking properties for a lighter feel on the mats and quick drying for frequent use.
  • Defy Convention: The Tactical Ops Kimono is not designed for the conventional path – it's absolutely not AJP or IBJJF Legal, but you already know that.
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Each Gi is delivered with a complimentary, high-quality drawstring bag, perfect for use as light training bag or laundry bag within your gear pack.
  • Elevate Your Game! The Tac Ops Kimono is a reflection of your unique approach and fearless spirit in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and life. Designed for the practitioner who defies convention and carves their own path, the Tac-Ops is your ally in standing out and showcasing your individuality.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Greg Wallace
    Precision Crafted

    The precision in crafting this Gi shows in its performance on the mat.

    Ivan Richards
    Cool and Controlled

    Keeps you cool under pressure, perfect for long training sessions.

    Mark Bradley
    Rugged and Reliable

    It's rugged and reliable, exactly what I need for training.

    Khalifa Al-Mualla
    Master of the Mat

    This Gi makes me feel like a master of the mat. It’s top-tier gear for any serious practitioner.

    Carl Simmons
    Tactical Advantage

    Gives you a tactical advantage with its exceptional fit and flexibility.