Ego Rashguard - Short Sleeve

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My Ego Is My Enemy Rashguard: Manifesto for the Mindful Warrior

Confront the greatest opponent in martial arts – the ego – with our "My Ego Is My Enemy" Rashguard. This long-sleeve manifesto is not just an athletic wear piece but a reminder to embrace humility and focus in your practice. It's designed for the fighter who seeks mastery over self, both on and off the mats.

  • Philosophical Aesthetics: The Rashguard features a stark, impactful message that resonates with the core of martial arts philosophy. Its design is a daily call to action, a commitment to personal growth that transcends physical boundaries.
  • Supreme Fabric Technology:
    • Enduring Comfort: Created with high-quality materials, this Rashguard offers a comforting, compression fit that supports your muscles and enhances circulation, ideal for long training sessions.
    • Advanced Moisture Management: Equipped with superior moisture-wicking properties, it keeps you dry, comfortable, and focused on the techniques at hand.
    • Durable and Flexible: The stretchable fabric not only stands up to the test of intense training but also moves with you, ensuring unrestricted mobility for every guard pass and sweep.
  • Mind and Body Aligned: Tailored to encourage a state of flow, the Rashguard’s fit and message work together to keep you grounded in the present moment, enabling a higher state of mental and physical performance.
  • Versatile Combat Wear: Whether for BJJ, MMA, or a mindful workout session, this Rashguard is built to serve the dedicated practitioner, offering full-range protection and a constant reminder of the inner battle to be won.
  • Elevate Your Game! Don the "My Ego Is My Enemy" Rashguard and let it serve as your armor and your mentor. As you roll, strike, and conquer, let the ego fall away, revealing the true warrior within.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jake Harmon
Ultimate Comfort

Feels lightweight and keeps you comfortable during grueling training sessions.

Helen Choi
Excellent Stretch

The fabric stretches well without losing form. Ideal for flexibility.

Raj Patel
Quality Craftsmanship

Exceptionally crafted for durability and performance.

Carl Simons
Keeps Cool

Helps keep cool during intense rolls, very breathable.