Welcome to HALFGUARD, where passion and community come together to grow the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Founded by athletes, we understand what it takes to survive and succeed on the mats, and we believe wearing gear that fits and feels great is a part of it.

Our origins are from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, where the brand was founded in 2018. From there we grew along with Jiu Jitsu across Eastern Europe, partnering with local Athletes and Tournaments supporting each others growth.


In 2023. we decided it is time to take on the world, and we chose Dubai, UAE for our Company HQ. From here we are able to offer amazing customer service and lightning fast shipping within UAE as well as worldwide.

We believe that the gear we wear becomes a part of us, and we make sure each piece of equipment is tested by ourselves before being released into the world.

Elevate your Game!