Ronin Grappling Shorts

$ 65.00 USD

Ronin Shorts: Unleash Agility with Integrated Compression

Step into the arena with the Ronin Shorts, where the legacy of the samurai meets modern innovation. These shorts, with their integrated compression undershorts, are a testament to functionality and freedom of movement, featuring stealthy pockets for essentials like your phone and mouthpiece.

  • Design Ingenuity: The Ronin Shorts boast a dynamic, warrior-inspired aesthetic that commands attention. The outer shorts offer a fluid range of motion, while the compression undershorts provide secure muscle support and include concealed pockets for your phone and mouthpiece – essentials for the prepared martial artist.
  • Dual-Layer Performance:
    • Versatile Outer Shorts: Crafted for combat, the lightweight outer layer gives you the freedom to move, kick, and grapple without restriction.
    • Integrated Compression Support: The built-in compression undershorts enhance performance through muscle stabilization and ensure your essentials are safely tucked away during training.
    • Strategic Pocket Placement: Designed with the athlete’s needs in mind, the hidden pockets are perfectly placed to keep your items secure without impeding your performance.
  • Durability and Comfort Combined: Made with high-quality, resilient materials, the Ronin Shorts are built to last through rigorous training sessions and competitions, providing lasting comfort and endurance.
  • Athlete-Approved Functionality: Developed with direct input from BJJ practitioners and MMA fighters, these shorts have been rigorously tested in real-world scenarios to ensure top-tier performance and convenience.
  • Adaptable for Any Challenge: Whether it’s for No-Gi BJJ, MMA, or a strenuous workout, the Ronin Shorts are designed to be the ultimate companion for any physical activity, offering protection, comfort, and the edge of preparedness.
  • Elevate Your Training Experience! The Ronin Shorts represent more than just workout gear; they are a piece of the warrior’s code, empowering you to train harder, smarter, and with the confidence of having everything you need right on you.