Procombat Kimono

$ 160.00 USD

You love winning and you carefully plan your strategy thinking through every detail? We created the Procombat kimono specifically designed for competition with sturdy pearl weave jacket built from 250 GSM pre-shrunk, air dried, 100% cotton delivering a 40% lighter than average jacket, complimented by durable 10 oz ripstop pants with reinforced stitching pattern designed to make the grips more difficult on the knee and shin area. Complimentary drawstring Gi bag included. 100% AJP & IBJJF Legal. Elevate your game!

Procombat: The Competitive Edge You Need

  • Sophisticated Design: With a focus on sleek, functional aesthetics, the Pro Combat Gi features a right shoulder logo, a unique lapel end woven vertical logo, and tasteful small embroidery below the hip on the right leg. The minimalist design ensures a clean, uncluttered look. The knee area boasts diamond patched stitching, not just for style but also for enhanced functionality.
  • Ultra-Lightweight, High-Performance Construction:
    • Featherweight Jacket and Pants: The jacket, made from sturdy 280 GSM pre-shrunk, air-dried, 100% cotton, is 40% lighter than average, complemented by 10 oz ripstop pants. This ultra-lightweight combination ensures you move faster and with greater agility.
    • Thermo-Regulation and Comfort: The enhanced thermo-regulation keeps you comfortable, improving your performance and recovery between matches.
    • Moisture Management: Quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties mean less sweat accumulation and faster readiness for repeated use.
  • Designed for Victory: The ProCombat is meticulously engineered for the competitive warrior. Its reinforced stitching pattern, especially around the knee and shin area, makes grips more difficult for your opponents, giving you a strategic advantage on the mats.
  • Compliance Assured: Fully compliant with AJP and IBJJF regulations, the Pro Combat Gi is your ideal kimono for official competitions.
  • Exclusive Bonus: Each Gi comes with a complimentary, high-quality drawstring bag, perfect for use as light training bag or laundry bag within your gear pack.
  • Elevate Your Game! ProCombat kimono is a symbol of your commitment to winning and mastering every detail of your craft. It is designed for those who think through every move and strategize to triumph. Step onto the mat with confidence and superiority

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Derek Hughes
      Ultimate Durability

      Handles the toughest sessions with ease. A durable kimono that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

      Marcus Caldwell
      Superior Craftsmanship

      The attention to detail is evident in every stitch. Superior craftsmanship throughout.

      Ian Schneider
      Lightweight Champion

      Extremely lightweight yet durable, perfect for training in hot conditions.

      Patrick Doyle
      Competition Ready

      Ready straight out of the bag, this kimono stands out in competitions for its comfort and style.

      Nathan Ford
      Engineered for Fighters

      The ProCombat kimono offers top-tier performance for serious fighters. Precision engineering.