Ronin Kimono

$ 185.00 USD

Elegant Design with Deep Symbolism: The Ronin Kimono, in its striking black color, features an exquisite full illustrated lining depicting a tattooed ronin samurai. This powerful imagery not only adds a unique aesthetic but also symbolizes the resilience and strength inherent in every practitioner.

  • Crafted for Superior Performance:
    • Durable Fabric: Constructed with a 450 GSM pearl weave cotton and 12 oz ripstop pants, the Ronin Kimono ensures both durability and comfort.
    • Reinforced for Longevity: With reinforced stitching throughout, this Gi is built to withstand the demands of rigorous training and competition.
    • Tailored for the Modern Warrior: The fit of the Ronin Kimono is carefully tailored to provide freedom of movement while maintaining a sleek and traditional silhouette.
  • A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity: The Ronin Kimono represents a perfect blend of traditional martial arts values with contemporary design elements, making it a top choice for practitioners who appreciate the fusion of style and functionality.
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Each Gi is delivered with a complimentary, high-quality drawstring bag, perfect for use as light training bag or laundry bag within your gear pack.
  • Elevate your game! Choose the Path of the Ronin - embracing the Ronin Kimono is to walk the path of the warrior - resilient, independent, and constantly evolving. It's a statement of your journey and dedication to the art.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Khalid Al-Nahyan
Supreme Comfort

Offers supreme comfort without sacrificing the robustness needed for training and matches.

Mohammed Al-Rashid
Elegant Durability

Combines elegance with durability. Feels and looks pristine even after heavy use.

Saeed Al-Ghurair
Tradition and Quality

A perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern quality. A top choice for any grappler.

Marc Johnston
Battle Tested

Survived the toughest rolls and competitions. A kimono that's truly battle-tested.

Leonard Brooks
Master's Choice

The Ronin kimono is exceptionally crafted for masters of the art. Comfortable and stylish.