Obsydian Kimono

$ 135.00 USD

Design Excellence: The Obsydian Gi stands out with its sophisticated design. Featuring a prominent logo on the right shoulder, a woven patch on the lapel, and discreet but impactful leg embroidery on the thigh. The top back patch is tastefully sized within stitching limits, maintaining the Gi's sleek appearance. The inside lining and tapered edges of the jacket sleeves and pants continue to offer comfort and style.

  • Robust and Comfortable Construction:
    • Medium Weight Gi: Crafted with a 450 GSM jacket and 12 oz ripstop pants, the Obsydian Gi is both strong and durable, ideal for everyday training and competition.
    • Enhanced Comfort Features: With an inside shoulder lining and tapered edges and cuffs, this Gi is designed for maximum comfort during intense training sessions.
    • Premium Material and Stitching: The pearl weave fabric and reinforced stitching give the Obsydian Gi a premium feel and quality, ensuring you enjoy every moment wearing it.
  • Battle-Tested and Athlete-Approved: Developed in close collaboration with our Athletes and renowned Instructors, this Gi is rigorously tested and refined to meet the high standards of serious combat sports practitioners.
  • 100% AJP & IBJJF Legal: Ready for competition, the Obsydian Gi complies with AJP and IBJJF regulations, making it a reliable choice for both training and official matches.
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Each Gi is delivered with a complimentary, high-quality drawstring bag, perfect for use as light training bag or laundry bag within your gear pack.
  • Elevate Your Game! The Obsydian kimono is not just a piece of gear; it's a statement of your dedication and pursuit of excellence in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Choose the Obsydian to compete with yesterday’s self and step into a new realm of performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Erica Walters
Top Tier Quality

The quality is top-tier. From stitching to fabric choice, everything is premium.

Diana Evans
Style Meets Substance

It's stylish without sacrificing substance. Feels great and looks even better.

Caroline Thompson
Durable Elegance

Not only elegant but also built to last. The best combination for serious practitioners.

Fiona Reynolds
Precision Crafted

The fit and finish are precision-crafted for competitive and daily training needs.

Bethany Morris
Streamlined Comfort

Streamlined for comfort and performance. I've never felt more agile on the mat.